Offering scholarships to needy and top students in Jamaica are the core objectives of the Soraya Amy Jackson Foundation. We offer a minimum of ten (10) annual scholarships to successful applicants that show evidence of the following:

  • Financial need
  • Average GPA of atleast 2.85 or a B+ average
  • Documented community service and other advanced or programmed volunteer service


SAJF Scholarships  provide you with financial support

financial aid to get through school—if so, it does not mean that you can’t benefit from a scholarship from Scholarship Jamaica. Some scholarships offer send winners the reward directly. This is good news for students who don’t need financial aid to pay tuition, as the money can be used to pay for other expenses associated with college. Instead of spending your earnings from a part-time job on essentials like food and books, a scholarship lets you spend somebody else’s cash!


Distinguish your achievements

Receiving a merit-based scholarship through SAJF indicates that you stood out among your peers. The SAJF scholarship program recognize this quality, and it is important that you know see it too.

When you apply for universities or jobs in the future, you have proof that in at least one area you can distinguish yourself from other peers. This knowledge will motivate you to challenge yourself to reach higher goals in your own life.


The Soraya Amy Jackson Foundation Scholarships 

The Soraya Amy Jackson Foundation is proud to be able to help Jamaican students succeed in their academic and other pursuits. In order to do our part we are offering ten (10) annual scholarships to deserving senior high school and first year college students.

Through donations and fundraisings, the foundation will provide scholarships to high school students (5th to 6th form and College/university freshman) who are atop their class and can show financial needs. The scholarships are valued at JMD$50, 000 each that will cover the cost of tuition and/or books, lunch and travel.


Criteria for Award of Scholarship

All documents and forms become the property of the SAJ Foundation.

  • The student must maintain regular attendance at school.
  • Acceptable behavior is a must.
  • The student must play an active role in school.
  • The student must maintain a minimum of 80% average in 5 subjects.
  • The student should show a form(s) of community service or volunteer work within the application year.


Required Documentation

The following are the general conditions which must be met before a favorable consideration will be given to any application under the scholarship assistance programme:

  • The student should submit the most recent school report/ certificates along with the application. Failure to do so will result is your application being incomplete.
  • The student must submit passport size colour photograph.
  • The applicant must be a full-time undergraduate (freshman) or senior high school students or a Jamaican national.
  • The applicant must prove that he/she is unable to meet their financial obligations for tuition purposes.
  • The applicant MUST be a Jamaican student and or living or working in Jamaica for the past five (5) years.
  • The Scholarship Application Form and supporting documents must be submitted by April 30th via email to


Other Information

  • The foundation must be advised of any changes in student’s, parent’s or guardian’s address.
  • Any misinformation, inaccuracy, misbehaviour, truancy, failing grades may lead to the disqualification of the Scholarships.
  • The Scholarships are subjected to an annual review of your overall performance in academic achievement, grades, sports and participation in social / community activities
  • Funds will be disbursed to the school for the benefit of the applicant (monthly/annually).
  • The foundation has the right to request information directly from the school about the applicant.
  • The awardee acknowledges that the Foundation may use their image, photographs and video at no cost to the Foundation.
  • The awardee may be expected to provide a written testimonial or engage in public speeches as an awardee.
  • This scholarship is not open to members of the board of the Foundation or their immediate family members.
  • The Foundation has the right to refuse any application.
  • All Applicants shortlisted (and their parents/guardian) may be required to attend an interview with the Foundation’s Selection Committee.


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